How To Make Detox Foot Pads at Home and Get Rid Of The Dangerous Toxins from Your Body Overnight !!!

You stuck them on the bottom of your feet and leave them overnight to draw out all the toxins from the body. This method was first used in Japan and is very efficient in removing toxins ,they  aid in the circulation of blood and lymph in the torso.


The best result of using a foot detox pad are less joint pain, fewer headaches and fatigue.

Make your own detox foot pads because there is simple and very  effective method:

You need:

  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Water
  • Socks
  • Self- stick gauze pads


  • Slice the onion and garlic
  • chop them well
  • pour some water in a pot
  • let it boil
  • add the finely sliced onion and garlic into the boiling water
  • let it boil for couple of minutes.
  • turn off the pot
  • let the water to cool down for about 20 minutes
  • put this fusion in the middle of the self-stick gauze pads (just sufficient to get them wet)
  • do not wet the sticky part of the pad.


  • put the self-stick gauze pads on the soles of your feet, mostly at the center parts
  • put on some socks
  • let it sit overnight
  • remove it in the morning.

Stay happy and healthy …

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